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Other Trilogy sites

The Mars Trilogy Concordance by Steven R. Staton is another website fully dedicated to Red, Green & Blue Mars. There's a list of the first hundred and a short interview that Steven had with Kim Stanley Robinson. The site is currently still under construction but its ambitious long term goal is to be a complete cross-reference for the Trilogy. Unfortunately the work is progressing as slowly as terraforming itself; visitors of the site still frequently drive into moholes.

Red Mars Project is a site mainained by students in Germany who analized the first part of the Trilogy.  Dr. Elisa Kay Sparks of Clemson University has a similar site


The Linkoping Science Fiction Archive has a lot of reviews and commentary on Red, Green and Blue Mars, as well as on other books by Kim Stanley Robinson.

Also on the pages of you can spend a rainy Sunday afternoon reading everything people wrote about Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars


Reality Break, a radio-talkshow on science fiction and related subjects had an interview with Kim Stanley Robinson on March 3, 1994.

Robinson answers Readers questions  on the pages of Science Fiction Weekly magazine. About his favourite rockband and other (maybe more relevant...) issues.



The Pathfinder-site has stunning of views of Ares Vallis the way it looks before it's flooded by the rising waters of Chryse Gulf

Mars Global Surveyor  is currently orbiting the (still) Red Planet and is sending amazing pictures home.


The PDS Planetary Image Atlas is a good way to visit places like Olympus Mons, Valles Marineres, Hellas or Elysium long before red or green becomes an issue.

The Mars Virtual Spacecraft is a nice alternative. You can start your trip in Earth orbit and zoom in till you're pretty close to the surface. Projections of several American states give an indication of the scale.

Mars Geoscience Navigator Map Search is a site where you can search for Mars-images, but even more exciting are the multi-color topographic maps, which are unfortunately not downloadable.

More topographic maps were recently produced by Mars Orbital Laser Altimeter onboard Mars Global Surveyor


Mars Today is a poster produced daily by the Center for Mars Exploration at NASA's Ames Research Center. It shows the current positions of Mars and Earth in their orbits around the Sun, as well as some other interesting data.

The Martian Time Website by Tom Gangale is the ultimate guide to time and calendars for Mars. You can check out the current time and date on Mars according to the Darian Calendar and check if any even remotely Mars-related event ever took place on this date. There's also a vast amount of additional information about the subject. Also your Red Green & Blue MarsSitemaster contributed an article about his Rotterdam month naming system.

The daily martian weather report is an interesting site which offers much more than its plain title suggests, like another proposal for a Martian calendar.


MarsNews, NewsWire for the New Frontier has all the latest news about Mars-missions, discoveries and other developments.

Breaking News from The Whole Mars Catalog is another good source of information.

Mars colonization

The Mars Society aims to further the goal of the exploration and settlement of the Red Planet. The founding convention was held August 13-16, 1998 in Boulder, Colorado. They necessarily start small with a research station in North-Canada but hope to soon progress to hitch-hiker payloads on NASA missions and eventually to a manned mission based on Robert Zubrin's Mars Direct approach (travel-light-and-live-of-the-land). Kim Stanley Robinson is a member of the Preliminary Steering Committee. Their site is very informative and includes an e-zine called "New Mars" as well as lots of links to other sites.

The Astrobiology Web has a complete site about Terraforming and Ecogenesis

The Terraforming Information Pages
tell you all you want to know about the subject, and more.

Mars Project Phase One offers VR Panoramas that make one look forward to the next phases. Although it's never mentioned, the makers obviously read Robinson's Mars Trilogy...

Of course you should also visit your RGB sitemaster's Darian Defrost Calendar, an interactive time-space distortion that takes you to a twenty second century in which Mars has been terraformed and the calendars use the Rotterdam system.


R. D. "Gus" Frederick has an interesting report called Modified Martian Lava Tubes as Habitats about lava tubes on Earth that, although a lot smaller, resemble the one in Dorsa Brevia

An obscure (in the positive sense of the word) organization named the 2111 Foundation is offering Prizes for Mars and Lunar Exploration, for achievements like the first overland approach of the Martian north and south pole, the first ascent of Olympus Mons and the first circumnavigation in a light aircraft.